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South Florida Baptist Hospital Opens Breast Center

What better way to recognize National Breast Cancer Awareness Month than to open a new breast center?  Effective Oct. 8, 2012, South Florida Baptist Hospital will transfer all of its women’s imaging services from its location at Swindle Diagnostic Center to the brand-new Breast Center at South Florida Baptist Hospital.

“Our new Breast Center at South Florida Baptist Hospital brings the key medical technologies used to diagnose and treat breast cancer, as well as other abnormalities, under one roof,” said Chief Operating Officer Steve Nierman.  “The end result will be greater convenience for our female patients and a coordinated, comprehensive approach to patient care.”

Located on the first floor of South Florida Baptist Hospital, the Breast Center occupies 3,400 square feet in a comfortable, therapeutic environment with a spa-like atmosphere that was designed specifically for women and their health care needs.  The Breast Center offers the following imaging services:

  • Breast MRI
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • DEXA Bone Density Scan
  • Digital Diagnostic Mammogram
  • Digital Screening Mammogram                          
  • Ultrasound-guided Biopsy 

Breast cancer is second only to lung cancer as the leading cause of cancer death in women.  Early detection and treatment provide the best opportunity for survival from breast cancer.  The Breast Center at South Florida Baptist Hospital offers the latest technologies to accurately diagnose abnormalities at the earliest stage.

Breast MRI is used along with mammography and ultrasound to detect breast abnormalities in women who have breast characteristics that limit the sensitivity of mammography.  MRI finds more cancers than mammography, but also increases the number of unnecessary biopsies if used by itself.  The center has the latest in breast MRI equipment with a 1.5 Tesla magnet that provides superior imaging. 

Breast ultrasound is frequently used to evaluate cysts found on mammograms.  Women who come to the center are offered ultrasound on the same visit, if needed, reducing delays in diagnosing abnormalities. 

Digital mammography has been proven to be superior in detecting abnormalities in women under age 50 or women with dense breast tissue. 

Minimally invasive biopsy options include Core Needle Biopsy –ultrasound-guided and MRI-guided – and Cyst Aspirations (ultrasound-guided).  The only way to truly diagnose disease is by removing the suspicious tissue sample and analyzing it under the microscope.  The center offers the complete range of minimally invasive biopsy procedures to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis with the smallest incision and fastest recovery. 

In addition to the most current technology, patients receive the personal attention of a highly experienced, educated interventional team, which includes board-certified radiologists, biopsy technologists, mammography-trained radiologists and credentialed imaging technologists.

To schedule an appointment, call (813) 757-8350.

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