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Preparing for Surgery

Preoperative Testing

Prior to your procedure, your physician and anesthesiologist may determine the need for diagnostic studies, such as blood work and X-rays. It is important to complete these studies as soon as possible so we can obtain the reports prior to your procedure date. This will avoid any delays on the day you are to be admitted.

Please remember to check with your physician’s office first for locations where your diagnostic testing can be performed. Your insurance carrier may cover diagnostic tests only at specific locations.

Please bring your physician’s orders, authorizations, referrals and insurance information with you when you have your diagnostic studies done, and especially on the day of your procedure at the Surgery Center. Also, on the day of surgery you will be asked for a photo identification, such as your Driver’s License.

To avoid cancellation of your procedure it is important that you carefully follow the instructions below

  • Do not eat, drink or smoke after midnight prior to the day of your surgery. You should also avoid heavy foods the evening before surgery. 
  • For infants, feedings are allowed until 3 a.m. the night before surgery. You may bring a bottle of clear fluid or milk to feed your baby after surgery.
  • For children, monitor their behavior the night before surgery to ensure they do not eat or drink after midnight. Also, remind them not to drink water in the morning when they brush their teeth.
  • If you develop an illness or injury before your surgery date notify your physician immediately.
  • Shower/bathe and brush your teeth the day of surgery.
  • Leave all valuables, including jewelry and keys, at home. 
  • Remove  contact lenses, fingernail polish and makeup before coming to the hospital. 
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing and bring slippers or comfortable shoes for your feet.


  • If you have been instructed to take medication the morning of your surgery, drink as little water as possible when swallowing pills. 
  • Before taking any prescribed medication or herbal remedy, please check with your physician to verify that is safe to take continue taking before surgery. If you cannot reach your physician, please call South Florida Baptist Hospital at (813) 757-8213.
  • Avoid taking aspirin 10 days before surgery.
  • Alert the nurse if you are taking any weight loss products.

Surgery Pre-Registration
Your physician’s office should call the Surgery Center to schedule your procedure and provide us with your insurance information. A member of our nursing Same Day Surgery staff will contact you to review your health history and provide preoperative instructions one or two days before your surgery date.

If you are not at available when the nurse telephones, please call the Surgery Center Monday through Friday between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at (813) 757-8213. Please allow approximately 20 minutes to speak with the nurse on the phone.

To help streamline your admission on the day of your procedure, please arrive at least an hour and 15 minutes before your scheduled surgery time. For endoscopic procedures, please arrive one hour before your scheduled time.

Please bring the following items to the Surgery Center registration desk:

  • Photo identification
  • Any forms or orders from your physician
  • Proof of insurance

After registration, you will be taken to a comfortable preoperative room where you will be prepared for surgery. While in surgery, family members may wait in the Surgical Waiting Room. Pagers will be assigned to your family or friends so physicians may follow up with them following the surgery.

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