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Peter Pan Birthday Club

Peter Pan Birthday Club

There is no doubt about it, birthdays are special ... at any age!  You can make your birthday have even more meaning by sharing your special day with the children at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital. The St. Joseph's Hospitals Foundation Peter Pan Birthday Club exists to empower children so that they may feel and experience the joy in giving and to change their corner of their world through the power of philanthropy. 

In lieu of birthday presents, guests may make a monetary gift to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in honor of your child's birthday. Your child's birthday party and generosity will be recognized (if you so desire) in Starting Out Healthy, St. Joseph's Children's Hospital's quarterly newsletter. All gifts will help us meet the specific needs of the children at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital and the Tampa Bay community. 

In recognition of your child's generosity, they will receive a Super Hero party planning set, which includes gift envelopes, copies of the Foundation's newsletter and a special party favor. Children who participate in the St. Joseph's Hospitals Foundation Peter Pan Birthday Club will be invited back to the hospital to take part in our Kids Are Heroes awards celebration at the end of each year so that they may see how their gifts are helping real children in our community.

The History of the Peter Pan Children's Fund in America
In 1992, screenwriter of the movie Hook (in which a grown-up Peter Pan has forgotten how to fly), James. V. Hart and his family visited London for the movie's premiere. A visit to London's Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) left a lasting impression on Hart's 10-year-old daughter, Julia, who decided to forgo birthday presents and make a donation to the hospital. It was the first of many birthday celebrations that Julia would have over the next several years and the Birthday Club became the first official program of the Peter Pan Children's Fund in the United States.

For more information on how to become a member of the Peter Pan Children's Fund, please click here or contact the St. Joseph's Hospitals Foundation at (813) 872-0979. Your enrollment could mean an extra $100 to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital.

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