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Cancer Institute Opens Adult Infusion Center

Hospital provides patients with a brand-new, comfortable place to heal

St. Joseph’s Hospital Cancer Institute proudly announces the opening of its new Adult Infusion Center this month. With input from current and former patients, designers created a space with the comforts of home, allowing patients to relax as much as possible when they visit the hospital for infusion therapy.

“I love the new center. I love the privacy it provides. I’ve been coming here for five years and the new Adult Infusion Center has made me feel more at ease and helped me relax while I receive treatment,” said Carrie McGirr, a patient at St. Joseph’s Hospital Cancer Institute.

In the new Adult Infusion Center, each patient has a personal area with a TV, comfortable chair and wireless Internet access. They can access shared amenities, such as snack bar, which offers sandwiches, treats and a variety of hot and cold beverages. Soon, patients will be able to pass the time surfing the Internet, checking email or connecting with their loved ones on iPads.

“I feel like I’m at home; I’m just so happy,” McGirr said. Between the new amenities and the compassionate nurses, I feel like they spoil me.”

The new layout is designed to take advantage of natural light and create comfortable niches within an open and uplifting space. Modern architecture, colors and glass partitions contribute to the spa-like atmosphere.

“We have created a more peaceful healing environment for our cancer patients,” said St. Joseph’s Hospital Cancer Institute Director Brad Smith. “Using some of our newer patient care areas as examples, the new space minimizes the hospital atmosphere and has added amenities to make it more aesthetically appealing to the patients.”

“They’ve really done a really good job. I’m extremely happy that the new location is easily accessible, right in front of the hospital,” said McGirr. “I don’t have to think, ‘oh my goodness, I have to go to chemo,’ because there’s no stress.”

“Our patients were involved in the process, and we designed our new space with their ideas for improving comfort,” said Smith. “They even helped us choose artwork that conveys a healing aesthetic.”

The former infusion unit contained 14 chairs/beds in an open setting environment. The new center offers 18 private treatment areas. Half walls allow the option of receiving treatment in private or in the company of other patients. If they’re feeling sociable, patients won’t be alone as St. Joseph’s Hospital volunteers have a new role in the Adult Infusion Center, providing companionship and connecting patients with cancer support services including activities and support groups.

In addition to the patient treatment areas, the Adult Infusion Center includes a private education room for nurses and physicians to consult with patients and their families, a pharmacy annex, so chemotherapy can be stored and mixed on site, and an expansive nursing station, so the nurses and Cancer Institute volunteers can organize the day’s work.

“I’m very proud of the team effort that went into this renovation,” Brad said. “Our hospital, along with cancer survivors and active patients, all contributed with the goal of improving patient care. It’s all about the patients and helping them through some challenging times. The new space enables us to do so much more.”

“I’m a cancer patient, so I have to come here,” said McGirr. It sure is nice to be able to go somewhere that makes you feel good.” For more information about St. Joseph’s Hospital Cancer Institute’s Adult Infusion Center, please contact (813) 443-2046. Media may contact the Public Relations Department at (813) 554-8216.

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