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Intensive Care Units - Pediatric & Neonatal

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital knows that the critically ill need specialized care around the clock. That's why we have several Intensive Care Units for children of all ages.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The NICU is part of St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, but it's located at its partner hospital across the street at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital.

The unit is busy; an average of 600 infants a year are admitted and stay anywhere from a few days to four or five months, depending on their medical condition. The types of medical challenges treated in the unit include:

  • Pre-term birth. Babies born at 23 weeks gestation and weighing at least 1 lb. 
  • Babies born with an infection.
  • Babies who are stressed during birth and need more attention than in the newborn nursery.
  • Babies born with a congenital anomaly such as spina bifida, bowel conditions and heart defects.
  • Babies that require a higher level of care than given in traditional Mother/Baby units.
  • BayCare now has a Breast Milk Donor Program to improve the health and nutrition of babies in BayCare NICUs.

Level II & Level III NICU

The NICU is licensed for two levels of intensity: Level III, (the highest) has 27 infant beds and Level II has 15 infant beds. A highly skilled and experienced nursing team and six physicians board-certified in neonatology provide care around the clock for our "littlest patients."


ECMO stands for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. ECMO is a highly specialized piece of equipment that does the work of the baby or child's heart. If the heart needs healing, ECMO can do the heart's work, allowing it to rest if it's been affected by lung problems.

Unique Services

  • Premature babies always receive a hearing and developmental assessment to determine the need for additional services such as rehabilitation before they go home. Should developmental or medical follow-up be required, arrangements are made prior to the baby's discharge.
  • In order to establish a relationship before the baby leaves the hospital, the family's pediatrician becomes involved in the baby's care shortly before discharge. This makes the transition home better for the baby and easier for the parents.
  • The NICU's "Bottle Club" is the only neonatal support group in the area. The group meets twice a month to offer educational and emotional support to families.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
2nd floor, St. Joseph's Women's Hospital
(813) 872-2929

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
2nd floor, St. Joseph's Children's Hospital
(813) 554-8521
Medical Director John Haffner, MD

Gary S. Haas, MD Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
2nd floor, St. Joseph's Children's Hospital
(813) 870-4040
Medical Director Rene Chapados, MD 

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital of Tampa • 3001 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. • Tampa, FL 33607 • (813) 554-8500