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Children's Cardiac Catheterization

St. Joseph's Children's Catheterization Laboratory:
Minimizing discomfort and recovery

Our diagnostic and therapeutic Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory is designed especially for children. Using the latest interventional catheterization techniques, we can offer your child a less invasive alternative to surgery, with minimal discomfort and recovery time.

Prior to a cardiac catheterization, your doctor may order one of the following diagnostic tests on your child:

Catheterization Techniques

These techniques view and measure heart function, and many offer life-saving repairs to the heart. We are experienced and confident in our abilities and outcomes for many minimally invasive procedures. Learn more about us and these procedures: 

Your doctor may recommend other minimally invasive techniques to treat your child. These are often conducted in our dedicated pediatric catheterization lab. Some of the minimally invasive and  interventional cardiology procedures we offer at St. Joseph's Children's Heart Center include:

For more information about the St. Joseph's Children's Heart Center of Excellence, call (813) 554-8500.


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