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Robotic Surgery

You and your child may be worried about the prospect of surgery and the lengthy recovery period. However, with a robotic procedure, you can expect a surgery that is:

  • Less invasive
  • More precise with less manipulation of healthy tissue
  • Less painful with a shorter, easier recovery period

More and more, surgeons turn to robotic surgery to perform delicate, complex urologic procedures. The robot offers the surgeon precision and dexterity not available during a traditional, open surgery.

Robotic surgery versus traditional surgery:


Traditional Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Incision type

Large, in order to access the affected area

Small multiple incisions

Danger to surrounding organs and nerves

Greater, due to more manipulation of internal structures

Less, due to precision of robotic instruments

Risk of blood loss and infection

Greater, due to larger incision


Recovery period

Longer, more painful compared to robotic

Shorter, with less pain



Greater precision leads to better outcomes

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