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Mobile Medical Clinic Intern

The Mobile Medical Clinic (MMC) is a forty foot bus that provides well child care and immunizations to children in need to facilitate timely entrance to school and daycare facilities. Within the MMC program there are several volunteer positions available, descriptions to follow:

Mobile Clinic Resource Educator: would be trained in Mobile Medical Clinic intake procedures. Intern will be responsible for welcoming family to the bus. He/she will give family an overview of what will happen and what they can expect on the bus including general time frames. Intern will be responsible for obtaining immunization records and photo identification from families for each patient scheduled for the day. Families must complete the required paperwork in entirety. Families with children under five must make contact with the developmental specialist and arrange an appointment time for screening. Intern will be responsible for conducting advocacy assessment to evaluate injury prevention needs. Intern will educate families about gaps in safety coverage within the family system and provide resources for filling gaps/needs. Intern can pair the above service with research in case management skills, evidence based practice and community needs assessment. Intern will synthesize research and present to MMC staff on findings.

Immunization Specialist/Educator: will be responsible for evaluating immunization status of mobile clinic patients. Intern will utilize best practices by analyzing records in the Florida statewide Immunization system, Florida Shots. Intern will determine necessary immunizations and inform family about what immunizations are required for school/daycare entrance. Intern will also suggest any available optional vaccines that may be age appropriate for the child currently or for the near future. Intern will be responsible for educating family about the background and importance of vaccines as a whole as well as the specific vaccines necessary. Intern will be prepared to educate family, should questions about vaccines arise. Intern can pair the above responsibilities with research in immunology, best practices for immunization education, and pain-free care initiatives. Additionally special project available for intern to perform data collection and analysis regarding immunization rates in uninsured children in Hillsborough County.

Early Intervention Obesity Counselor: would be responsible for analyzing and synthesizing data regarding best practices for childhood obesity brief counseling. Patients seen on MMC require culturally informed and family centered approach to wellness. Patients found to be above or approaching the 95th percentile (level above normal weight for child) need to be informed of their health status and concerns for the future. Intern would implement pilot program targeted at patients and their families who fall within this risk category.  Potential for student to analyze patient satisfaction or similar data for special project.

Health and Wellness Educator: would be trained in child advocacy priority areas: asthma, healthy eating, physical activity, water safety, and car passenger safety/teen driving, pedestrian safety. Intern would be responsible for educating families (inclusionary of adults and age appropriate education for children) on these topics. Dependent on time constraints intern would evaluate knowledge of families and supplement deficit areas. These responsibilities could be supplemented with special project in program evaluation (of these programmatic efforts) or research on community resources and internet based educational tools available to families.

MMC Program Requirements:

  • Hours: MMC often operates during night and weekend hours, intern should be prepared to work during clinic schedule.
  • Contract: Intern should prepare an outline of duties /goals to be achieved on a week/semester schedule. Specific requirements and objectives of both the MMC and the student should be clearly outlined prior to beginning project.
  • Supervisory meetings: student will be trained to work independently and will schedule bi weekly (or as needed) meetings with internship supervisor to provide feedback about responsibilities and progress.

Baycare Requirements:

  • Reference Check- intern should provide several references for staff to contact to verify character and experience.
  • Background Check- Prior to beginning work, intern will be required to pass background check inclusionary of criminal history.
  • Volunteer Orientation- Intern will be asked to attend 8 hour orientation at St. Joseph's Hospital to be in-serviced on appropriate behaviors, dress, and standards for all Baycare Volunteers.
  • HIPPA Training- Intern will be asked to review HIPPA information and answer corresponding questions to ensure he/she fully understands the requirements of HIPPA.
  • Confidentiality Agreement- all volunteers working with and in patient areas will be required to sign agreement stating intern's ability to maintain patient confidentiality and to refute any potential competing interests.
  • TB Screening- Intern will be asked to get annual PPD and follow up check to ensure Tuberculosis status.
  • Badge- Intern will receive a Hospital badge upon completion of Baycare Requirements.

For more information, call us on (813) 615-0589 or submit an intern application.

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital of Tampa • 3001 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. • Tampa, FL 33607 • (813) 554-8500