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A Ministry of Fraciscan Sisters of Allegany

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Mobile Medical Clinic Volunteer

The Mobile Medical Clinic (MMC) is a forty foot bus that provides well child care and immunizations to children in need to facilitate timely entrance to school and daycare facilities. Within the MMC program there are several volunteer positions available, descriptions to follow:

Registered Nurse: Volunteers with pediatric experience may assist with basic intake questions and vital statistics tasks.  Mobile Clinic RN's complete child health tracking forms, BMI growth charts and various well-child screens to prepare children to see the medical provider.  RN's also provide recommended and required immunizations to each patient lacking sufficient immunizations.

Primary Care Provider (Pediatrician or Nurse Practitioner): Providers perform well-child exams for all children in need (birth to 18years).  The yellow form (DH 3040), required for school and daycare entrance, is completed and signed for each child.

MMC Program Hours: MMC often operates during night and weekend hours, volunteers may choose dates which are most conducive for their schedule. 

Find out more about becoming a volunteer and what you can expect.

For more information, call us on (813) 615-0589.

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital of Tampa • 3001 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. • Tampa, FL 33607 • (813) 554-8500