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A Ministry of Fraciscan Sisters of Allegany

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Expressive Therapies

Music Therapy
What is Music Therapy?
Music Therapy is the use of both child friendly instruments and vocals to help children express themselves and interact with their peers.
The Music Therapist will interact and work together with your child to create a musical outlet. This will help your child relax, play, and enjoy a few moments away from the hospital experience. For more information, call (813) 554-8155.

Who can see a Music Therapist?
All patients can see a Music Therapist. Typically, our patients ages 6 months - 13 years old enjoy music therapy the most, however, any patient that would like to see a music therapist is welcome to.

Where can I participate in Music Therapy?
Our Music Therapist goes room-to-room or may do a music group on the Inpatient Unit playroom.
Patients who are on Isolation precautions are able to participate in Music Therapy, however, they will only be able to participate in their rooms. 

When can I see a Music Therapist?
Our Music Therapist visits the hospital on Mondays from 9-12 and visits all Inpatient Units.

Music Practitioner
What is a Music Practitioner?
A Music Practitioner is a board certified, healing musician who plays musical instruments and/or sings to facilitate healing of the body, mind, and spirit. The Music Practitioner works one on one at the bedside and is trained to observe the patient carefully and customize their music to the patient's needs. The Music Practitioner does not plan to interact with the patient, although sometimes this happens. Nothing is required of the patient except to experience the music.

Who can see a Music Practitioner?
Patients who are having a difficult time coping with hospitalization or have a chronic illness will benefit from the Music Practitioner's services the most.

Where does the Music Practitioner play?
Due to the limited time that our Music Practitioner spends at our hospital, the Child Life Department determines which patients would benefit the most from this service. The Music Practitioner will visit the patient in their rooms at the bedside. 

When can I have a visit from the Music Practitioner?
Our Music Practitioner visits the hospital on Thursday mornings into the early afternoon. If you would like a visit from the Music Practitioner, please contact your Nurse or Child Life Specialist.

Pet Therapy
What is Pet Therapy?
 Pet Therapy is an opportunity for hospitalized children and their families to enjoy a moment away from the normal hospital routine for a short time. It is designed to promote a fun & therapeutic environment, provide stimulation, promote normal activities of daily living, and provide social interactions. Pet Therapy can also help reduce anxiety and loneliness. For more information, call (813) 554-8155.

Who can participate in Pet Therapy?
Any patient deemed medically able by the Physician, Child Life Specialist, or Nurse will be able to see a Pet Therapy dog. Some children with asthma or certain allergies may not be able to participate in Pet Therapy. Parents will need to sign a Pet Therapy Release form during the admission process to be able to participate. Hospitalized patients on Isolation precautions will not be able to participate in Pet Therapy due to Infection Control policies.

If you are interested in a visit from one of our Pet Therapy dogs, please contact your Nurse or Child Life Specialist.

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