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St. Joseph's Children's Scoliosis Center in the Media

A teenager born with cerebral palsy rebounds after life-changing surgeries
(St. Petersburg Times © 03/24/11)
Two years after developing scoliosis, 17-year-old Amanda Myers had nearly a 70 degree curve to her spine and a dislocated hip. After being told numerous times that there was nothing else that could be done, Amanda's mother turned to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. David Siambanes. (more)

Heavy backpack? Lighten up!
When your child acts as if she's carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, maybe you should check her backpack. Overloaded or poor-fitting backpacks can hurt girls and boys. (more)

Major improvements in scoliosis surgery help a 9-year old get up and running again
(St. Petersburg Times © 04/15/10)
Alyssa's scoliosis was so severe she could hardly walk. As her spine grew more bent, her heart and lungs were running out of room to function properly. The curve progressed from 45 degrees, to 55 degrees, to 65 degrees. Then she was referred to Dr. David Siambanes, who specializes in pediatric spine problems. (more)

Lead by Medical Director David Siambanes, DO, St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Scoliosis Center can help with scoliosis detection. Call us at (813) 554-8983 to make an appointment or discuss concerns you may have regarding your child's spine.

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