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Florida KidCare

Do You Have Health Insurance For Your Children?

Florida KidCare is affordable health insurance available to Florida's children, from newborns through age 18. With Florida KidCare, your children will have access to these benefits:

  • Doctors visits
  • Immunizations
  • Hospital visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Dental care
  • Vision care
  • Emergencies
  • And much more

How Much Does It Cost?

Monthly premiums depend on your family size and household income. Once your application is received, Florida KidCare will determine eligibility for the following programs:

Insurance Subsidized*
Monthly Premium
Monthly Premium
(ages 1-4)
$15 or $20
per family 
$196 per child 
Healthy Kids
(ages 5-18) 
$15 or $20
per family
$140** or $153 per child 
Children's Medical
Services Network
(ages birth-18) 
$15 or $20
per family 
(ages birth-18) 


*Based on family size and household income. There may be co-pays for some services in some programs. Premium rates subject to change.
**Without dental coverage

Application Information

When applying to Florida KidCare, you will need information about the following:
• Any household income including child support
• Each child's Social Security number or the date you applied for it, if you have not received it yet
• Amount paid for daycare/after school care for each child or a disabled adult, so someone in your household can work

You might find these items helpful when gathering and calculating the above income information:
• Pay stubs from the last four weeks
• Most recent federal income tax return
• Most recent W-2 forms

To apply go to,

Need Help Applying To Florida KidCare?

We can help you apply for Florida KidCare! Call the nearest application site or if you have questions, please call St. Joseph's Children's Child Advocacy Center at (813) 615-0589.

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital of Tampa • 3001 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. • Tampa, FL 33607 • (813) 554-8500