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A Ministry of Fraciscan Sisters of Allegany

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Community Classes

Teaching Safety and Wellness to the Tampa Bay Area

St. Joseph's Children's Advocacy Center provides a wide range of safety and wellness education and programs to families, organizations and schools throughout the Tampa Bay area. Our team of educators reaches out to thousands of preschoolers, school age students and adults each year informing and training on topics from hand washing to CPR. Or call our Children's Advocacy Center today at (813) 615-0589. 


Want to learn how to save a life? Come take a CPR class or perhaps learn First Aid. Our American Heart Association certified trainers teach a variety of courses to assist new parents and caregivers of all types in matters of First Aid and CPR. Our four-hour First Aid course covers how to handle all aspects of medical, injury and environmental emergencies. A three hour Infant and Pediatric CPR class for Friends and Family offers families the skills they need to provide CPR and choking rescue. A four-hour HeartSaver CPR class is available for those seeking a new or to renew CPR certification. A seven-hour combination course is perfect for the individual wishing to be certified in both First Aid and CPR.

Is it time for THAT talk with your preteen?

We offer a parent/child Teen Talk for Girls as well as a Teen Talk for Boys as an educational introduction to this sensitive subject. These informative and age appropriate courses introduce parents and their pre-teen/teen to the topic of puberty, sexual intercourse and abstinence in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Both Teen Talk for Girls and Teen Talk for Boys are a great starting place when it is time to have "the talk" with your child.

Is your child interested in babysitting?

Whether your child is interested in babysitting or is ready to stay home alone enroll them in a Safe Sitter class. This full day course instructed by nationally trained Safe Sitter Instructors will give the aspiring sitter the skills and resources needed to begin baby sitting or even to stay home alone. Choking rescue, setting up babysitting as a business, and behavior management are just a few topics covered in this enriching course. Participants must be at least 11 years old to participate.


Let our St. Joseph's Children's Advocacy Center bring an educational field trip to your classroom. We offer programs for all ages and each meets Florida Sunshine State Standards.

Preschool - 1st Grade: Our Germaine the Germ Thing presentation teaches children how to get rid of those disgusting germs on their hands while stressing the importance of hand washing. Students will be able to watch the "germs" literally disappear from their hands after washing them correctly during this fun, interactive 30-minute presentation set within the classroom.

Transitional Kindergarten (4/5 year olds): To help your pre-Kindergarten students get ready for their trip to the doctor have them participate in our Teddy Bear Clinic. Children learn what to expect during a visit to the doctor's office as our instructors and your students help give Teddy a check up. This 45-minute presentation in your classroom is designed to alleviate children's fears about their visit to the doctor.

2nd - 3rd Grade: During Body Safari students take an hour long safari through the human body as our instructors teach about the functions of the main organ systems of the human body and what each child can do to protect their body and keep themselves healthy. Students love to see models of organs such as the heart, lungs, stomach and more.

4th - 5th Grade: Our Mission Nutrition program teaches students how to make proper food choices, how to read nutrition labels and to understand the difference between serving size and portions. This interactive hour-long presentation ends with your students demonstrating how to make healthy food choices.

5th - 8th Grade: Our staff trained in educating the middle school child provides an age-appropriate Teen Talk class that can be tailored to meet your student population's needs. Topics ranging from basic puberty, male and female reproductive anatomy, and relationships to a frank discussion on STD's can be incorporated as you see fit for your class.

Middle School - High School: Utilizing an infant simulator our educators teach the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome. This hour-long presentation is perfect for health, childcare and parenting classes.


Healthy Childcare Environment Staff Training - In-service training on how to prevent common childhood illnesses in your childcare facility. Topics include: Asthma Trigger, RSV, Rotavirus, and Hepatitis A prevention.

Asthma Education Class - Educates caregivers and children on what asthma is, what triggers an asthma attack, how to control triggers, and medicines and devices used to control asthma. Caregivers and children are taught separately.

Childhood Safety - Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death with children over one. This one hour educational offering includes: how to childproof your home, baby safety, car seat safety, poison safety, gun safety, water safety and other safety measure to keep your children safe.

Nutrition Classes - Classes include Infant and Toddler Nutrition, Packing Healthy Lunches, and Healthy After School Snacks. These classes are designed to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Life Choices - This 2-day course is designed for older middle school students to help them realize the decisions they make today can influence their lives in the future. The students will take Baby Think It Over simulators home overnight.

STI Prevention and HIV Education - This two hour class educates adolescents about human reproduction and sexually transmitted infection prevention. The importance of HIV counseling and testing is discussed in this multimedia class. This is an abstinence-based program.

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