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Cancer Institute Adult Outpatient Infusion Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital-North Offers a New, Convenient Location for Cancer Patients
TAMPA, Fla. (December 18, 2012) – St. Joseph’s Hospital-North proudly announces the opening of its new Cancer Institute Adult Outpatient Infusion Center, bringing additional health care services to the North Tampa community.

“We’re excited to expand our range of services and bring cancer infusion therapy to St. Joseph’s Hospital-North,” said Angela Papadopoulos, nurse manager of the Cancer Institute Adult Outpatient Infusion Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital-North. “The community needed the new center, especially younger cancer patients with families, so they can maintain their normal routines.”

“It can be challenging for cancer patients to maintain their busy treatment schedule and when you are not feeling well, an extra 20-30 minutes in the care can make a real difference,” said St. Joseph’s Hospitals Cancer Institute Director Brad Smith. “Our cancer patients are very special to us. Knowing that the Cancer Institute Adult Outpatient Center at St. Josephs’ Hospital-North is available to serve them is very rewarding.”

With the therapeutic design of the hospital as a backdrop, the team added some additional comforts, allowing patients to relax as much as possible when they visit the hospital for infusion therapy. In the new Adult Outpatient Infusion Center, each patient has a private room with a TV, comfortable chair and wireless Internet access. They can access shared amenities, such as snack bar, which offers sandwiches, treats and a variety of hot and cold beverages. Each patient area has room to comfortably accommodate a guest.

“Using the same formula as the Adult Infusion Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, we have created another peaceful healing environment for our cancer patients,” said Smith.

St. Joseph’s Hospital-North’s infusion unit contains six private rooms for patients to receive treatment. In addition to the patient treatment areas, the Adult Outpatient Infusion Center includes a private education room for oncology nurses to consult with patients and their families, a pharmacy annex, so chemotherapy can be stored and mixed on site, and an expansive nursing station.

St. Joseph’s Hospital-North offers flexible and convenient appointments with specially trained chemotherapy nurses round out the new infusion center’s amenities. There’s even an exit created for patients to leave privately.

For more information about the Cancer Institute Adult Outpatient Infusion Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital-North, please contact St. Joseph’s Cancer HelpLine at (813) 870-4123, a free community service staffed by oncology certified nurses.

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