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PET Physician Information

What are the clinical applications of PET?

The most common applications of PET are in the fields of Oncology, Cardiology, and Neurology.

Oncology  is the most important application of PET and provides vital diagnostic information that can alter the course of cancer treatment and sometimes help in avoiding unwarranted surgery. PET provides critical information about whether a tumor is malignant or not, the extent of cancer, whether it has spread to other organs, monitoring of cancer recurrences, and monitoring the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Cardiology is another important application where PET provides the highest accuracy level of any non-invasive procedure in assessing myocardial viability and diagnosing coronary artery disease.

For neurology, PET provides the most accurate information to localize the areas of the brain causing epileptic seizures and to determine if surgery is an option.

Features and Benefits:

  • Open Design: Increases patient acceptance and comfort. Provides easy access to the patient during the exam.
  • Separation of PET and CT components: Enables the use of the multi-slice CT component as a fully-featured diagnostic tomography system. Facilitates use of advanced clinical CT applications such as CT Angiography, Virtual endoscopy, lung nodule assessment and cardiac scoring.
  • GSO/Pixelar technology: Provides exceptional image quality and throughput significantly reducing scan times.
  • Syntegra: Syntegra image fusion provides an integrated display, review, registration and
    communication environment from a single workstation. This integration makes multi-modality fusion fast, accurate and easy for workflow efficiency previously unattainable. Syntegra will have direct connectivity with the pinnacle radiation therapy system in our Cancer Center improving accuracy in determining the therapy field and minimizing radiation to normal tissue.

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