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If a meningioma tumor is located in any other area of the body, surgeons would find it fairly easy to operate and cut out the growths. But because these tumors are located within the brain, often nestled near vital areas, physicians take a far more delicate approach.

Embolization, a procedure in which a substance is injected through hair-like mini-catheters to the tumor, may be used to cut off the tumors’ blood supply, thereby halting or retarding their growth.

Unfortunately, some meningioma locations in and around the brain are far harder for a neurosurgeon to access than others. For tumors difficult or impossible to surgically remove, more aggressive therapy may be appropriate. It is sometimes possible to insert drugs that liquefy the growth.. This makes it easier to aspirate the tumor (turn it into a liquid that can be drawn out of the brain via a suction device) or shrink it enough so that surgery may no longer be required. This therapeutic choice must be a team decision.

Surgery, radiation, and other treatment options should be considered by you, your medical team and your family.

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