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Brain/Cerebrovascular Disorders

The Stroke & Neuroscience Program at St. Joseph's Hospital is proud to offer a broad range of surgeries for cerebrovascular diseases.

Our board-certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Gabriel Gonzales-Portillo, has a vast amount of expertise and training in the diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular disorders, which are conditions affecting the blood vessels of the brain. St. Joseph's Hospital is the only hospital in Florida with the NOVA (Noninvasive Optimal Vessel Analysis) technology which is capable of measuring blood flow in patients who are at risk or who have experienced a stroke or cerebral aneurysm.

Cerebrovascular surgeries we offer at St. Joseph's Hospital include:

To learn more about the cerebrovascular disorder treatments offered by St. Joseph's Hospital's Stroke & Neuroscience Program, please call (813) 870-4000.

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