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Lana C, Mother of Patient, Steven C
“I noticed my son would get what seemed like indigestion, however, he ended up being diagnosed with sever hydronephrosis. We were referred to urologist, Dr. Polsky who specializes in Robotics surgery at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital. We decided it was definitely in our benefit to have robotic surgery. I was concerned with my son having open repair, the risk of infection, and the scarring of traditional surgery and was more comfortable with robotic surgery due to the accuracy and precision it provided.  Our experience at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital was wonderful from the staff to the communication and it surpassed our overall expectations. We would definitely choose St. Joseph's Hospital for any future needs.

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Cheri K, Patient

“I’ve been dealing with severe pain due to my endometriosis. I’ve had several laparoscopies over the years, however, knew eventually I would have to have a hysterectomy. My OB/GYN physician, Dr. Twitty talked to me about the DaVinici robotic surgery and I thought it sounded wonderful. I was the first patient to have a robotic surgery performed at St. Joseph’s Hospital North. Once the surgery was over, I could tell it was going to be ok. The nurses were wonderful, less downtime, minimal pain. I would recommend Dr. Twitty, robotics surgery and St. Joseph’s Hospital North to anyone in a similar situation.” 

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Sylvia C, Patient
“I think it’s important to get the word out that people need to get scoped and screen for this [colorectal cancer]. I’m a BayCare nurse. I had symptoms (bleeding and discomfort), and I just knew something was not right. That’s when my doctor recommended that I have a colonoscopy at age 46. I had it at St. Joseph’s Hospital and a tumor was found at stage II, which is very early. I was very lucky. Because of the sense of urgency, my colorectal surgeon, Cesar Santiago, MD, sent me for a CT scan two days after the scope to make sure there weren’t any spots anywhere else. It was only two weeks total between my scope and the surgery. I had robotics and laparoscopic surgery. I felt comfortable knowing that with the robot, Dr. Santiago could see individual nerves and vessels 60 percent larger and determine if there was anything in my lymph nodes. Once I came out of surgery, I was not in a lot of pain, I was able to get out of bed and move around, and the scarring is very little. I feel very blessed.”

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Nora M, Patient
“I had diverticulitis, causing a rupture in my colon and an abscess and a rupture farther up in the descending colon that all needed to be removed. I found out that St. Joseph’s Hospital is the only hospital in the Tampa Bay area that has a colorectal surgeon performing this procedure with the minimally invasive robotic surgery. I contacted Dr. Cesar Santiago right away. I’m very pleased; my husband’s cousin had the same surgery and has a huge, huge scar. I have tiny scars. When they are healed, within the next year, you’ll never know they are there. It’s awesome. My recovery was great. I was not only able to get back to normal much sooner, but I actually felt better than I had for the last six years. The hospital staff was very pleased with how quickly I was progressing and how I didn’t have any complications after getting home. Today I feel like a brand new person!”

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Lillian H, Patient
“I had COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and acid reflux affected my lungs. After two bouts of pneumonia, I was referred to C. R. Hall, MD, a general surgeon who is one of two physicians trained on the new da Vinci® Surgical System at South Florida Baptist Hospital.” Dr. Hall diagnosed Lillian with a hiatal hernia, one of the risk factors for reflux. A hiatal hernia is a condition in which part of the stomach moves above the diaphragm, the muscle that separates the chest and abdominal cavities. "Dr. Hall wanted to do the da Vinci, which was kind of scary. I had had open-heart surgery so I wondered, 'How is he going to use a robot?' Not to mention that I was the first patient to undergo robotic surgery at South Florida Baptist Hospital. I was discharged from the hospital after day one. Dr. Hall did a wonderful job; he's an excellent doctor. I've lost 17 pounds since the surgery and I'm just doing great. I'm glad South Florida Baptist Hospital is growing so we don't have to go anyplace else."

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